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August 18th, 2005. I jerked off into oblivion last night, and then I forgot to shower. Again. Well, it’s not like it matters much anyway. Nobody around here cares, not my mom, not the skanks, not the assholes. These are the people who make up my shitty little town. 

If everyone in my town is an asshole, I guess that makes me the King of the Assholes. I’m their Jesus. They follow me like little punk sheep, with their “hardcore” tattoos and their drugstore eyeliner. I guess that makes me kind of a hypocrite though. But I dare you to fine one person in this fucking country who isn’t. Go ahead, I’ll wait here.

I wonder if there’s anything on basic cable tonight? Well, this is bullshit. People are killed everyday, you’re gonna focus on the homicide of one poor white person? Oh look the next one’s bull too, and the next one, and the next one, and — Oh god, this asshole again? I get it, you’re in charge of this country (I don’t know why, but you are) but do you really need to pop up everywhere. God, this fucking redneck. It’s like you say “foreign oil” three times and he just appears. Like Beetlejuice.

"Get skinny fast," "101 ways to spice things up in the bedroom," Why does my mom continue to buy this garbage? Has society gotten to the point that our own shitty lives aren’t shitty enough, so we need to buy fake news stories about rich people’s shitty lives too? Aren’t there better things to spend money on? Oh look, here are her scratch offs. I gotta hand it to my mother, she has an extraordinary gift for hope. Maybe one day I won’t be a fuck up, maybe one day she won’t be psychotic, maybe one day we’ll get the right numbers. That sounds nice. I’m not much for optimism, though.

If my mom asks, you don’t know what happened to the fake media that littered our kitchen table. And if she asks about the burn marks in the bathtub, you don’t know about those either, or the ashes on the driveway, but hopefully those will blow away. 

Our news makes everything so much better than it is. “Everything is fine. Nothing is wrong. There is no news to report.” And if there is a problem, we’re the ones that have been victimized: nothing is the governments fault, we love our government, and our government loves us. We are on the presuppose of George Orwell’s greatest nightmare, and an oil-loving cowboy is suppose to be leading the charge against it.  God help us all.

I think I’ll go take a drive down to the 7-11 and get some more cigarettes. Ladies and gentlemen, if you’ll please follow me, your tour through Jingletown, Ass Crack, USA is about to begin. Please, despise your stay with us.

Well that was the brief intro chapter. This is the only one that will be in complete first person (except for 1) Everything else will be 3rd person limited (essentially how HoO books are set up, except all Luke.) I hope you like it so far. 

Just two things: this is all in Luke’s thought process and stuff, so it’s super bias and one sided, so if I write horrible, rude things about certain characters (*couch* silena *cough*) they are not my personal views, just a character. And Luke and Thalia’s relationship isn’t going to be picture perfect, there is going to be serious problems with it, so if anything is a trigger for you send me a message, and I’ll let you know if it will be in the story, and tag it and place warnings accordingly.

Go forth my babies, and save rock and roll. 

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The Overture

Hello, and thank you for following. My name is Emily and I’ll be the author of your fanfiction this summer. 

This AU is an idea I had a few weeks ago and I’ve decided to go through with it. This is my summer project, so chapters won’t start posting until June. I’m spending May doing all the pre writing. 

Things about the story:

  • It is not going to be like American Idiot the musical. Johnny’s two friends, the favorite son, all those characters won’t be in the story. It’s just going to be Jesus, Whatsername, and St. Jimmy. 
  • Every chapter is going to be an audio post with the song to which the chapter coincides. If you legally downloaded the album or bought the physical copy, you know that some songs are grouped together. image I will be splitting the songs up, though. Holiday is going to be a separate chapter from Boulevard of Broken Dreams ect, ect. If you read fast, slow, can’t concentrate when there’s music, hate Green Day and are only here because you’re gonna give my writing a chance, then just don’t hit play. There will never be any auto play on this blog. 
  • It will only use songs from the album. There won’t be any Broadway versions or 21st Century Breakdown songs. The exceptions to this are going to be When It’s Time, because I want something more to advance Thalia and Luke’s relationship in between She’s a Rebel and Extraordinary Girl, it’s also a freaking beautiful song. Also I think I’m going to use the Broadway version of Letterbomb. Billie Joe Armstrong said it himself: it’s a song from the point of view of a woman and it’s much more powerful coming from a woman. The woman who plays Whatsername knocks it out of the park with that song.
  • The title of the blog is going to change based on the chapter. Right now it’s “Don’t Wanna Be an American Idiot” When it’s chapter two (Jesus of Suburbia) It’s gonna be “I’m The Son Of Rage and Love” you get the point. 
  • I’m not going to set when or how many chapters there are in a week, but I want to have at least one. Shorter chapters for songs like American Idiot and St. Jimmy might have two a week. Jesus of Suburbia and Homecoming will probably be the only chapters that week. 
  • The ask box is going to open soon. Let me make this very clear. THIS IS NOT AN ASK BLOG DO NOT ASK LUKE OR THALIA QUESTIONS.  I only say that because most, if not all, of you are from my blog Demigods answer, so please don’t confuse the two. If you ask a question it will be me answering (or my friend Danielle, who is going to admin/beta this blog. She’s in charge of making sure I don’t write anything awful.) I am a busy person, which is why I decided to do this in the summer, so I might not get to your question right away and I might not answer all of them. I’m always around to talk but please don’t spam the ask box or constantly ask when the next chapter is going to be up or anything like that because those things drive me crazy. 
  • CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM IS ALWAYS WELCOM! I crave it actually. Tell me if I’m out of character, or a part was unclear, or what you think should have happened. If you help me I will be forever in your debt. Please don’t be afraid to tell me what I could improve on. 

That should be everything for now. Like I said, this will be up some time in June, so mark your calendars. And please don’t hesitate to pass this blog around like a joint at Woodstock. The more people reading, the more motivation I have to write. Am I guilt tripping you now? Probably.

Thanks for following and I’ll see you soon. 

image[link to listen to American Idiot]

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